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Do Hotel Owners really need to spend lakhs of rupees to partner with Hotel Brand?

October 31, 2020  

Hotel Brands & Operators mange the asset professionally with systems and procedures. The deep focus on the asset management sets them apart from standalone Hotel owners who have diverse business or have not upgraded to the latest trends in the industry.

Consumer Behavior

The consumers’ behavior in the industry has changed over the last decade right from finalizing the holiday destinations to the way of discovering the hotel. Today, the consumers are not solely dependent on the neighborhood travel agents to plan and book their holidays. They are well informed and aware of the destinations, activities, availabilities etc. Welcome to the new age of information!

Holiday Industry

The holiday booking industry is now largely dominated the online travel agencies and online websites that have communities provide information on the travel like the place, to do activities, reputation of a hotel, how a hotel treats its customers etc.

Standalone Hotel Assets

Here standalone hotels are losing business as they are still operating on the old model. There could be multiple reasons primarily being the older generations are not tech savvy and have their style of working. However, with the increasing realization of this reality and new generation taking the charge of hotel assets, the standalone hotels have opened up to tie up with professional Hotel Operators to benefit from their expertise and reputation.

Hotel Owners are being approached by Consultants in hotel industry with offer to tie up with Hotel Brands. For this service they charge a high fee from the Asset Owner and Brands as well. Also, Hotel owner does not have large choice of Hotel brands to choose as per their suitability.

You do not need to spend huge money

In bold worlds, Hotel owners must not depend on the consultants and do not require to pay fees for the Brand tie up.

Funding Walk provides an opportunity to connect with multiple Hotel Brand and Operators at one place. Hotel owner can choose the operator that is most suitable for them.

For the above service, Funding Walk charges a very small fee.

Hotel Owners save huge money, time, and effort by talking to multiple operators at one point in time and choose the best.

Just signup on Fundingwalk, enter the asset details, and start connecting with the Brands

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