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What is Funding Walk?

Funding Walk is primarily a global real estate deal distribution platform to its registered users. Here, Real Estate Developers including Hotels & Hospitals, Investment Banks & Consultants, Institutional Fund Providers, Institutional Investors connect with each other for fund raise, joint venture and asset transactions.

Deals are shared privately to the registered members using our proprietary algorithm for the match making of the requirements from buy & sell side.

Funding Walk is not involved in any transaction.

Members connect with each other directly on this platform. You do not have to pay us any success fee upon the proposal execution.

This saves lot of money.

Proposal seller spends lots of time to reach relevant proposal buyers. It takes lot of time and energy on their part that finally leads them to few proposal buyers as they have limited reach.

Funding Walk provides both the parties a common platform where proposal sellers reach to large number of proposal buyers globally at few clicks.

Type of Deal Proposals

Funding Walk connects members for 3 purposes:

  1. Fund Raising for Real Estate Projects
  2. Joint Venture in Real Estate
  3. Buying & Selling of Real Estate Assets like Mall, Office Building, Hotel, Hospital, Warehouse etc.

We have following five type of members on the platform with some overlap:

  1. Real Estate Developers
  2. Investment Bank / Consultants
  3. Lenders like Banks, NBFCs & Other Financial Institutions
  4. Private Equity
  5. Institutional Investors / REITs / Real Estate Funds

For Fund Raise - Real Estate Developers & Investment Bank / Consultants connects with Lenders and Private Equity

For Asset buy & Sell – All the members connect with each other for their requirements

Funding Walk connects members online where the the proposal buyer shows interest to explore it further. All the transaction happens offline directly between the proposal seller and proposal buyer.

What type of real estate fund raising happens?

Group Housing, Affordable Housing, Commercial Office, Retail Mall, Mixed Use Development, Warehouse, Hotels, and Hospitals.

Proposal sellers and proposal buyers cannot see the contact details of each other until they choose to do so. A proposal buyer is free to show its email id or phone number or both to the Fund Receivers and vice versa at the time showing interest on the proposal or in any communication thereafter.

Register by clicking on Sign Up and filling the required details like Name, Email Id, Contact Number and submit the details.

An OTP and email will be sent to your registered mobile number & email id respectively for verification purpose.

For mobile verification, enter the OTP as required during sign up. For email verification, login to your email account and click in the ‘Verify Email’ button in the email by info@fundingwalk.com.

Please follow the instructions further to complete the registration.

No, FundingWalk.com is entirely technology driven process that helps connecting its registered members through its proprietary algorithm to provide the best match making of proposal buyers and proposal sellers.

It is the sole discretion of the members to communicate or deal with each other.

No, FundingWalk.com is a platform just to connect its members without having any involvement further.

Currently, Joining FundingWalk.com and browsing the proposals requires no obligation. Posting your proposals for real estate finance or asset buy & sell is absolutely FREE. There is a fee when proposal seller wants to see the interested proposal buyers on their proposal posted.

We are headquartered in New Delhi, India.